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the stash

Private and Corporate Members

A major benefit to the private lounge is having access to 'The Stash,' a fully stocked liquor cabinet free of cost to our members. But with great benefit, comes great responsibility. We lean on our members to not over consume, over share, and take advantage of the offerings. 

All members are free to BYOB without question and we offer the ability to privately secure your bottle in the office or wine fridge.


Is there a drink maximum?

Understanding that each member is different in their alcohol consumption, we have not set a strict drink maximum. However, we ask that each member is sensitive to the fact that our ability to provide liquor free of charge is only possible through the responsible consumption.

Can my guests drink from the Stash?

Guests are welcome to enjoy a libation from the stash, with a two drink maximum as not to impede on the selection for other members.

How much alcohol is provided?

Our membership team purchases liquor once per month based on 50 members necessities. If members desire a specific bottle to suit their preference, please be sure to let our staff know so we can have it stocked regularly.